Creative Boom — Olivier Mosset’s metal canvases that pay tribute to the sun that bathes Marseille

Événements, Juillet 2018

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of its opening in 2013, the MAMO gallery in Marseille will host a new exhibition by Olivier Mosset, bringing together some of his most monumental works

For 50 years, the Swiss visual artist has rigorously pursued his practice of deconstructing painting. Best known for his series of monochrome paintings, each featuring a black circle, Mosset avoids any claims of paternity over his works, something he undoubtedly believed following his membership of a Parisian art collective in the 1960s who claimed that art itself was more relevant than its creator.

His latest show Untitled will gather three works that are emblematic of his artistic research, including a Harley Davidson 74’ Panhead (1957) reflecting his deep affection for the world of motorcycles and, in the solarium of the Cité Radieuse, two metal panels – one measuring five metres, the other eighteen – covered with a chameleon paint, whose reflections offer “a unique tribute to the sun that bathes Marseille in summer”.

Untitled at MAMO in Marseille runs until the end of October 2018. Entry is free.