Designboom — Felice Varini’s “À Ciel Ouvert” project highlights the MAMO

Presse, Juillet 2016
Photos © André Morin

Ora-ito invited artist Felice Varini to highlight different architectural viewpoints of the terrace.

MAMO is an open-air art centre located on the top of la cité radieuse – a housing residence in marseille, france designed by le corbusier in 1952.
In 2013 the roof was converted into an exhibition space by french designer ora-ito, who has now invited artist Felice Varini to highlight different architectural viewpoints of the terrace.

Following in the footsteps of Xavier Veilhan, Daniel Buren and Dan Graham who have previously exhibited within the space – french-swiss artist Felice Varini has introduced multiple perspectives at the MAMO centre by painting striking shapes across the terrace. The ‘à ciel ouvert’ project references Le Corbusier’s distinct style, using modular forms which work harmoniously with the modernist construction. Red and yellow primary colors are used to underline and accentuate different parts of the interior and exterior which presents an added architectural layer.

When speaking of his creative approach, Varini reflects that ‘a viewpoint is a point in the space that I choose carefully: it is usually situated at my eye level and preferably located in a key passageway, for example where one room leads to another, a landing, etc. I don’t make a rule of it, as spaces don’t all systematically have an obvious path. the choice is often arbitrary. the viewpoint will function like a point of interpretation, that is, like a potential starting point to approach the painting and the space. the painted form makes sense when the spectator is in this spot. when the spectator leaves the viewpoint, the work encounters the space generating an infinite number of views of the shape. therefore I do not see the accomplished work through this first point; this is encompassed in all the views that the spectator may have of it.’

Felice Varini’s ‘à ciel ouvert’ project is on display from the 2nd of july to the 2nd of october 2016, at the MAMO centre at the cité radieuse in Marseille, France.