Xavier Veilhan Architectones, CSH n°21, Los Angeles

Événements, Août 2012
Photos © Joshua White / jwpictures.com — © Veilhan / ADAGP, Paris, 2012 & Ars, New York, 2012

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Case Study House n°21 by Pierre Koenig: its radical nature without grandiloquence and its meticulous and geometric elegance fascinate me.

I hoped to concentrate on its minimal beauty as it no doubt appeared in the mind of the architect, to go back to the very essence of his design and the simplicity of this conceptual object; to reinvest this innovative insight of post-war modern architecture. To prepare for the intervention, we cleaned the site, filled the ponds with water and cleared away the useless articles.

My exhibition project gradually developed into a performance. I hoped to make the transparent architecture opaque: by progressively filling the house with white smoke, and the water ponds with dark black. Case Study House n°21 thus revealing itself as a minimalist sculpture; an object lacking in scale and function.

At the entrance, on the road side I affixed a sequence of black elastic bands of increasing width; inside, under the shelter for cars I added other columns (these are made of wood) resuming the exact proportions of perennials. These verticals are spaced following the Fibonacci* sequence: they highlight the functional geometry of the site effectively shifting towards a simple decor.

The house thus transformed, the guests were invited to enter it to become ghost-like occupants.

* A sequence of numbers in which any number (from the third) is equal to the sum of the previous two.